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14 March 2018

UK: IT’s Bright Future

Canterbury: The good news is that the British IT sector presently employs over 1.1 million workers. The better news for those seeking work…
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15 December 2017

Oil and Gas: Regaining a Foothold?

It is by no means a triumphant Rocky moment. Oil executives are not pummelling meat in a storage locker and dancing on the…
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19 September 2017

Super Sewer: The Thames Tideway Scheme

London: Don’t turn up your nose just yet. That smell in your nostrils is the future. It’s a tunnel, a super sewer, if…
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30 August 2017

Expanding CES sites in Poland

Central European Staffing (CES) is well-known for its promise to deliver quality people to clients in the Oil & Gas sector. We appreciate…
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30 March 2017


Warsaw: Central European Staffing (CES) has taken the lead in supplying support staff to US forces in Poland. This comes against a backdrop…
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3 January 2017

CES Sponsors Local Jiu-Jitsu Champion Brazil Trip

Kent: CES recently sponsored travel expenses for local sportsman Paul McGinty to attend a championship in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) in Brazil. Mr. McGinty…
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5 December 2016

Oil & Gas Industry Main Events in 2017

Kent: Most successful firms today focus on two things. They scour the market for the right client. They also search tirelessly for appropriate…
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27 October 2016

Wind Power and the Super Grid

Canterbury: Is wind power the future or at least part of it? You may well ask. The North Seas Countries’ Offshore Grid Initiative…
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12 September 2016

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True

Employment Fraudsters Canterbury:  Do you work through an agency, have you recently applied for a new job, or do you have information about…
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22 August 2016

CES Candidates Showcase Weld Skills for Bazan Project, Israel

Canterbury: Central European Staffing (CES) continues to test potential workers for a selection of clients across the engineering construction industry. At the end…
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